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An initiative from MEGU Catering Concepts since 2015, our heart at MEGU weddings is to create a blessed and fruitful matrimonial celebration for you and your loved ones. Specializing in two areas: catering and decorations, our passionate team looks forward to working closely with you to create a memorable wedding experience.

Caleb Tan

Business Director

Food and the heart to serve people is what I am passionate about. A wedding is a life changing event for the couple and their families. It is an occasion that brings people together and I love that I get to be part of that joy. It is an honor to see their expression as a memory is being created forever.


I love to be at the heart of orchestrating such times that brings people together, and watch them have a good and meaningful time.


I love to try new things. I am an adventurous person and I love all things sports, especially water sports like swimming and diving. I consider myself a risk-taker and a leader. I believe in helping people grow and reach their fullest potential. I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing.

Shane Quek

Wedding Sales Manager

Hi! I’m married to a beautiful wife and have a cheeky and joyful boy. Having gone through wedding preparation, house renovations, and welcoming our new born, I would say that this journey can be enjoyable when two become one.


I’m blessed to be in this industry; meeting new couples and sharing with them my personal experience while guiding them through the process. Be it marriage or parenting, it’s always a learning curve. We might not always get it right and there will be times where we fail, but I believe that if we can learn from it and pick ourselves up again, it can be a success.


I am a die hard Manchester United fan, and I love playing soccer. I'm an optimistic person and I believe that all things will work for good.

Sarah Lee

Wedding Sales & Marketing Executive

Having lived in three different countries, what makes me excited and inspired about life is the people I meet and the stories that connects us all. I love getting to know people over a rich cup of barista made coffee.


I am truly blessed to be part of the wedding industry; where I get to witness two lives becoming one. It's always a joyous occasion.


Growing up, I was always the photographer/videographer of the family. I've always enjoyed capturing beautiful moments in pictures and videos. Some interesting facts about me is that I am a professionally trained hairstylist and I am one of six kids in the family.

Lynn Yoong

Wedding Decor & Floral Stylist

Hello there! I am a graphic designer who enjoys applying hands on techniques in this wedding industry. Flowers are my obsession and styling venues are what I am passionate about.


In my spare time, I love to create beautiful things by hand, especially doing calligraphy and watercolour paintings.


Believe or not, my favourite part of each wedding is actually the planning process; where deep thoughts and new ideas happen. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to getting inspiration. My favourite flowers are peonies.
Yes, that's a type flower.

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